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Phillip Wingender Jr started this petition to Politicians, Legislatures, Government Officials

We the members of Cannon's Army of Warrior do hereby come to the following conclusions:

1) 5 year old Cannon Hinnant was murdered in cold blood in the town of Wilson, North Carolina which is the County Seat of Wilson County, North Carolina.

2) Both the the County and City of Wilson, North Carolina were named to honor Louis Dickens Wilson.

3) Louis Dickens Wilson was a Southern Democrat who was connected to the American - Mexican War and worked to promote slavery.

4) If we are to start making changes with names, monuments and historical artifacts, we should not start with Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We should begin this process in Wilson County North, Carolina starting with the changing of the name of the County and City of Wilson to Cannon County and the City of Cannon, North Carolina. We propose that should be done as soon as legislatively possible due to recent events.

We are calling on all mayors, city officials, county officials, all law enforcement officials and members, state legislatures, state senators, and the Governor's office to fully support and pass the:

"Cannon Act"

Provisions of the Cannon Act will includes the following:

1)The permanent name change of the City of Wilson, North Carolina to the City of Cannon, North Carolina and a city park for children to play and ride their bikes. This park shall be named what ever Bonny Waddel (the mother) chooses.

(If "mom" wants a park, mom gets a park)

2) That Wilson County North Carolina be permanently changed to Cannon County North Carolina.

3) We believe that this will make the only city and county in the state that is named in honor of a minor child. There shall be a minimum of 1 bronze statue/monument (similar to in size and quality of the George Brett statue at Kaufman stadium in Kansas City, Missouri) of Cannon riding his bicycle shall be erected at the following locations:

A) The newly named town of Cannon City Hall

B) The newly named county of Cannon courthouse

C) the State Capital grounds in Raleigh, North Carolina

4) any and all statues/monuments erected in Cannon Hinnants honor shall be legally and legislatively protected with a mandatory 10 year prison against vandalism, defacement and or destruction.

5) The "statewide law enforcement and emergency responder teddy bear" program shall be fully implemented and funded in honor of Cannon.

6) the statewide law enforcement and emergency responder "kids birthday program" shall be implemented in Cannon's honor.

7) All horrific acts of crime and violence against minor children ages 12 years old and younger, (including murder, attempted murder, rape, etc) shall hence forth carry a minimum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The death penalty is NOT off the table in cases of this horrific nature.

8) There shall be NO new gun control provisions entwined in the "CANNON ACT"

The accused perpetrator has prior felony convictions. Obviously, in this case gun control failed!!!
Folks, this proposal may seem a little drastic or extreme. This was a drastic and extreme event. Thus peaceful drastic and extreme action is warranted.




0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!