I Can't Breathe: A List of Demands by The People Who Still Can

I Can't Breathe: A List of Demands by The People Who Still Can

June 1, 2020
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Started by Mason Noah

The world is watching. Our worlds were always burning, fueled by the past sins of slavery and jim crow. We remember Emmett Till. We remember Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner and countless others. We cannot allow them to keep slaughtering us. We stand united and we march for our murdered ancestors and our future children. Marching with us is not enough, we demand that our voices be heard, and we demand real systematic change. The following are our demands for justice, reform, and a framework for criminal justice reform to be used by states and the federal government:

  1. George Floyd’s family is to be paid a minimum of $100M total in restitution for emotional and psychological damages by the City of Minneapolis, the State of Minnesota, and the Federal Government.
  2. Charges against Derek Chauvin are to be revised to fully reflect the full culpability of the murderer.
  3. The three (3) bystanding officers that were recorded at the scene and supervising George Floyd’s murder are to be arrested, charged, and sentenced for manslaughter.
  4. A full internal investigation into the racial discrimination, abuse of power, and the practice of excessive use of force in the Minneapolis Police Department.
  5. Ban on the use of chokeholds and neck restraints as authorized forms of restraint by police officers.
  6. Ban on the use of chemical weapons, such as tear gas, on civilians by police officers.
  7. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is to publicly apologize for her role in neglecting to significantly address the necessary police reform that resulted in this murder.
  8. No persons taken into law enforcement custody during protests within four (4) weeks following Floyd’s death-May 25, 2020- for non-violent offences are to be charged. If charges have been placed, they must be expunged. 
  9. Any officer found attacking non-violent protesters are to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  10. Mandatory minimum of one-thousand (1000) hours of racial sensitivity training for each officer prior to field work, with an additional minimum of one-hundred (100) hours required annually.
  11. Quarterly psychological evaluations for all police officers.
  12. Police Officers are not to be authorized to carry deadly weapons, nor use any deadly use of force; with exception for officers that are members of special units.
  13. Require body cams for all field duty officers.
  14. Ban forced labor in for-profit prisons.
  15. Phase out all for-profit prisons.
    1. Banning the creation of new private prisons.
    2. Nationalize existing private prisons.
  16. End the war on drugs.
    1. Legalize marijuana and mushrooms containing psychedelic psilocybin.
    2. Expunge all prior cases for non-violent drug offenses.
  17. Abolish the death penalty.
  18. End mandatory sentencing minimums.
  19. Abolish cash bail. End the use of secured bonds in federal criminal proceedings.
  20. Abolish civil asset forfeiture.
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Signatures: 2,373Next Goal: 2,500
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