Help me bring my baby home

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This is a photo of my beautiful son and I, whom I met in November when he was aged 4 months. He is now 13 months old. I completed the legal  process in Morocco to become his mother in February 2020 and made the application for the UK Visa. In early March I returned to the UK to close out work and planned to return to Morrocco to bring him home two weeks later once the settlement visa was issued. 

On March the 15th Morocco closed its borders due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Since then  I have been patiently waiting for Morocoo to reopen so that I can be reunited with my son.  6 months have passed (which is half of his life) and in this time we have missed his first birthday, mother's day, Ramadan, Eid and every day of being apart has been very difficult especially as signs of developmental delay start to show. 

On July 15th 2020, Morocco opened its borders only allowing Moroccan nationals to enter the country.   

The UK Visa was issued as an exception given the circumstances and the FCO have been fully supportive of my case. A request to the Moroccan government was made seeking entry on an exception basis. Given the circumstances we were hopeful that I would be allowed to bring my son home.  However  this was refused and I have not yet been granted permission to enter into Morocco on the basis that my son is a Morrocan national. 

Having my first child should be the most incredible experience of my life. But not knowing when we will be reunited  or when I’ll be able to bring him to the UK is making me sick with worry . Every parent knows the first few months in a baby’s development are so important and I’m concerned he’s missing out on important interactions and the one to one time and attention that I and my family have. 

Even a well run orphanage is not the best place for a child and especially not when they have a family waiting for them.  Being seperated is unfair on both my son and I especially as the UK visa has been granted and air travel is accessible.  

I just want to be able to bring my son home as soon as possible to my friends and family, my life and give him the best possible start.  But I’ll need your help to do it.

Please sign my petition calling on the Moroccan authorities to let me return to Morocco and bring my baby home asap.