Politicians give up Luxuries. CITIZEN DRAFTED DEMAND MANIFESTO for 2019. We can bend THEM

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We had INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION (IAC) which electrified into Anna movement.

Now we need INDIA AGAINST POLITICAL LUXURIES (IAPL) and hope this becomes next movement. Everybody helplessly know the luxuries that politicians have shamelessly created for themselves. Issue has turned into a dry husk which just needs a spark to ignite. Country just wanting for a new Anna to emerge from nowhere. We r desperately making every effort somehow if we could bring all Activist or Concern citizens through out the country under one banner and platform and create a PUBLIC DRAFTED DEMAND MANIFESTO that we could ask political parties to adopt before next general elections.

4 years back new party came to power with no interest to cut luxuries enjoyed by politicians. In fact till 4 years back no one in country knew value of suits and cloths that any PM wears. But our current PM made world news by wearing a suit of 5 lakh/Crs cost. As usual salaries and peaks got increased during this govt tenure also. WHICH GOVT HAS GUTS TO STOP ANY LUXURIES ENJOYED BY ITS OWN PARTY MEN, unless we stand together to demand. Lets make this next public movement after last movement that we had as India against corruption, and yes there was some little improvement. 

There r many issues which keep circulation on different social media where people release their frustration about the issues that political parties has turned into some joke. 
CITIZEN DRAFTED DEMAND MANIFESTO sums u most of these issues.

1.) No pension to elected representatives as it goes into practice at present. No other services in country gives right to receive such pension as received by elected Representative for serving just one tenure of 5 years. All elected Representative pensions also to cover as other citizens get covered under pension laws of the nation. 

2.) Elected Representative to lose their right to increase their own salaries, peaks and pensions. All such salaries, peaks and pensions increase should be govern by normal rules as observed in case of ordinary citizen.

3..) Cost of all salaries / peaks / subsidies of politicians and Babus to be reviewed and brought with par with common man enjoying similar position in any middle level private organization.

4.) On appeal of PM, Crs of common man gave away their Gas subsidy, also lakhs of senior citizen gave away their Railway fair subsidy, but country is still waiting for a similar appeal from PM to its fellow politicians and elected Representative to give away their benefits, peaks and subsidies enjoyed all these decades of Independence. Such appeal from PM need not wait for future election manifesto and could be done any day in Man Ki baat. Still if it fails to happen in commin year then at least in manifesto. Hope PM this Jan Ki Baat reaches PM.. .   

5..) All Politicians salaries/peaks to be subject to IT act as faced by common man of this country. NO MORE TAX FREE SALARIES AND PEAKS. 

6.) Elected representatives WILL BE accountable with respect to their attendances in house. NO ATTENDANCE, NO SALARY. Like every student of the country required to have minimum attendance to qualify to sit in exam, elected representative face similar rules, and less than 50% attendance in house in any year disqualify them to continue as elected Representative. Such attendance to be calculated on per second bio metric attendance bases and not just show their face on any day and then disappear for rest of the day of the session. People elected them to participate in parliament and represent them and their issues in parliament.

7.) Every elected representative to qualify themselves for eligibility to continue as elected Representative by asking minimum some number of questions or taking part in minimum some number of debate in any session. Let there be elimination before more damage gets done by some some unqualified person who got elected to this important position. 

8.) Candidate for RS / Legislative Council (LC) should not be a candidate who has lost any election in last 5 years.. 

9.) RS / LC seats not for candidates form political background except if he or she is chosen for the post of CM or PM. Let politicians enter lower house only by winning normal elections.

10.) RS / LC seat not for a candidate who owns assert of more then 5 Cr. Stop super rich and industrialist getting elected to RS or suspected Horse trading or big monetary favor.

11.) Any body changing party would be debarred from contesting public election under new party banner for next 5 years. 

12.) Agricultural income of all public Representative to be mandatory to put on IT website within 10 days of filling such return. 

13.) Agricultural income of above Rs. 5 lakh to be taxed.

14.) World adopted democracy over monarchy. If our democracy fails to stop dynasty rule then it fails its earlier purpose of giving up monarchy Stop dynasty rule in politics. Political party one berth one family rule. If one blood relation is already holding any constitutional position then political party will give next blood relation entry to contest election for any other constitutional position. Such next blood person can always contest any election in individual capacity without having any party banner but will not be included in any party even after getting elected

15.) All political parties to be covered under RTI. 

16.) All politicians cremation to take place at common public cremation sites of that city and no special plots/space to be allotted to each new cremation or SAMADHI..

17.) Elected Representative will stop moving in convoy. Such convoy exhibits and displays superiority and fear in over ordinary public apart from creating traffic nuisance.  Moving in a convoy of more then 2 vehicles to made a punishable offence under motor vehicle act. Security vehicles not be be included as party of convoy.

18.) Mandatory Third party insurance cover to all damages that r cause to all movable and immovable public and private properties due to riots and mob violence. Damages and losses in all riots will be recovered from political parties that will call for such band and protest.

Lets SIGN THIS CITIZEN DRAFTED DEMAND MANIFESTO TO make it a national level debate issue. May be its time to form a National level Concern citizen association which could demand and built pressure that maximum political parties are forced to adopts maximum points from this CITIZEN DRAFTED DEMAND MANIFESTO. We don't need just clean India but also Indian clean from political dirt that got accumulated in last 70 years.