Ban water mining and bottled spring water in Australia. Protect our country from drought.

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Australia is in drought, Australian farmers are suffering and living with no water and having to import water into their communities while the government are letting a Chinese company mine millions of liters of water a year, forcing residence to live on level 3 water restrictions. Imagine being told you only have 2 water tanks left of water and then there is nothing left. Recent fires along the darling downs saw No underground wells able to be used by the firefighters to help fight the fires. After speaking to a local elder from that land I was made aware these wells have all been mined. Leaving NOTHING.  Imagine you cant go to the rivers because they have been mined so bad they no longer run and everything around you is dead and brown. This is exactly where we are heading. A barren dry land no water to feed the trees or evaporate to make rain. We need to act now and stop water mining in Australia and ban bottled spring water. Water is a source of life for everything. We need to fight for this cause. Please don't ignore! Read the attached articles about water mining in australia and the current effects. Its not localised to one area. The entire country is being affected. 

Its even effecting our gold mining industry

Support of the Gold Coast Mayor

Ban bottled spring water to stop illegal Springwater mining.

I was at Mount Warning 2 weeks ago and it was almost completely dry. The rivers are not flowing the water that is left is stagnant. It is no longer a rainforest. It needs water to be a rainforest.