Justice for Gooby

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On monday Janine came home to find dog dog and friends dog dead on a farmers drive. He had shot them because they were on his property. When approached he claims they killed his sheep. But when asked for the proof he was unable to show any evidence. These dogs live with sheep on their own property and haven’t hurt them so why would they go and kill his. Anyone who knew these guys know what beautiful natures they have, they wouldn’t hurt a flea. So for the farmer to cold heartedly shot an innocent animal is unfathomable.

This is a very sad legal right farmers in New Zealand have, if an animal walks onto their property farmers have the right to “destroy” that animal. The dogs had multiple shot wounds meaning they where in pain before dying and where left out in the rain over night with the farmer not bothering to knock next door to explain what had happened. He killed the beautiful dogs inhumanely and has gotten away with it. The dogs live on a farm with bulls, cows and sheep and are absolutely no harm to these animals. Animal cruelty is not okay but apparently it is for farmers. So please sign this petition so that laws can change and we can protect our pets, our animals, our whanau!