Bringing back the GMRC subject in primary and secondary level of education.

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Bullying. Sexual Harassment. Littering.

In the old curriculum of our basic education program, a subject entitled "Good Manners and Right Conduct" or GMRC, is part of the regular basic education curriculum. Subsequently , it was scrapped as a regular subject and integrated in Social Studies and other related subjects.

We all know that our academic capacity is the most relevant when we are studying. We are ranked according to our grades and most of the time that ranking defined how professional and intelligent we are. most students cheat, deceive and trick others just to have high grades yet they don't give a little bit of care on what they're doing.

There are other annoying manifestations of lack of GMRC such as littering, cutting through traffic, bullying, and more serious ones like forms of sexual harassment such as cat-calling, wolf-whistling, stalking and other aggravations that are now addressed by Sen. Risa Hontiveros’ recently passed law called the Safe Streets and Public Spaces Act.

GMRC was always part of the curriculum in schools until it was scrapped two decades ago and integrated with Social Studies and other related subjects. This is unfortunate because it seems to have been put on the back burner, in favor of other academic requirements.  The lack of decorum among many young people in and out of school is a manifestation of this oversight.

As a student, I'm well aware that our generation commits a lot of mistake. Some are regretting but some do not care. That thought made me realize that maybe our generation's concern is our grades only thus forgetting their values and moral as a student. The best thing that I can suggest is to bring back the GMRC to every primary and secondary level of education. We need something that will teach us the importance of good character, personality over everything and well teach manners. The higher education must not only focus on the intellectual capacity of the student, they must also recognize the good manners and right conduct of each and everyone of them. What's the sense of having high grades if you can't respect other people? What's the purpose of medals and certificates if you only get it through deceiving other people? And what's the essence of being called intelligent when you're acting as if you haven't study at all?

The importance for such revival of GMRC from the observation that the youth of today has a surplus-age of role models for their behavior owing to the information explosion in this age of the internet. Modernization in a globalized village almost always results to confusion in the minds of our youth as the variety of influences make them vulnerable to the pervasive effects of pop culture, which is not always admirable and worthy of emulation. We should promote the inculcation of the of the basic tenets of the promotion and observance of respect for oneself, others and our elders, as well as the teaching of the values of patience, perseverance, industry, honesty and good faith in dealing with other human beings. 

It may be necessary to introduce in the curriculum a "set menu" of lessons and good manners and right conduct so as to better guide our youth in facing the contemporary society.

Although there are senators who propose the same concepts, I still need the people's support for this petition. This concept of the revival of GMRC must come in victory because our future will be in this hand. Bringing back of GMRC must approved by the lawmakers so that any form of abuse will not happen anymore.

To sum it up, I just want to tell this complaint of mine. I hope that this grievance will not lead to nowhere. Few years later, we will become the expected hope of our country. A national hero once said "Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan,"  (The youth is the hope of the country) so we should not waste the opportunity to be our hometown's savior. The country doesn't need a wise dictator, it needs a humanitarian leader that will wish for the best of his constituents. A good character is always better than a genius man who's full of himself. Let's feed our souls with learning because the knowledge we had in our brain is not enough.