The right for private Marijuana licenses/dispensaries in Nova Scotia

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To date, Nova Scotia is one of 4 provinces that remain with no licenses to privatize Marijuanna sales. Many Medical, along side of Recreational Dispensaries have attempted to open up only to be shut down by the government. This is leaving many people without access to cannabis, effecting medical patients the most. Many online Medical stores have started producing for the government of Canada, brushing their patients off to the side. On top of being brushed to the side by these big corporations, many people who begin to use Medicinal know very little about the product, and how it can help them, so they are blindly sent online with no knoweledge to attempt to order their own medicine. We NEED the right to privatize. We NEED more storefronts. Patients NEED knowledgeable people to sit down and have face to face conversations about the product. And EVERY citizen across Canada should have easily accessible cannabis. Help us show the Nova Scotian government that this is the popular opinion. Help us show the Government we need the right to privatize!