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Political prisoners Mohammad-Reza Pourshajari & Arash Sedighi in danger of losing their lives. > HELP US SAVE THEM

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Mohamad-Reza Pourshajari, 52,a writer who blogged about the situation inside Iran was arrested in 12 September 2010 at his home in the city of Karaj and was taken to Rajai-Shahr prison in Iran. There he was subjected to the most brutal torture methods for 7 months. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison for ‘insulting the Supreme Leader’, ‘acting against national security’ and ‘insulting Islam’. Mr. Pourshajari suffered a heart attack in prison in February 2013 and has been denied medical intervention. Prison officials were urgued to transfer Mr. Pourshajari to a city hospital or sudden death may occur due to the ongoing tightening of the prisoner’s arteries. According to the latest news Mohamad-Reza Pourshajari is in the verge  of another heart attack.


Arash Sadeghi,  27 , a university student activist, is now on hunger strike and his condition and the exact whereabouts is unknown. Arash was in January  2011, while visiting the grave of his mother. Arash’s mother died as a result of a heart attack due to the stress and shock of her home being raided by the security forces. Arash was kept in the infamous ward of 209 in Evin prison where he was beaten-up and was put under pressure, he is sentenced to 6 year4s prison. As a result of torture and beating, Arash has suffered from broken ribs, broken front tooth, and dislocated shoulder-blade. Most of the time, he was not even given painkiller or medication.  To protest his condition, Arash has started a hunger strike since June 1st 2013. His body is deteriorating and he is in danger of losing his life.


In the face of an international condemnation for executing prisoners the regime has changed tactics from execution to silently killing prisoners by depriving them of the medical attention.

Depriving political prisoners of medication and medical attention has become a widespread practice by the authorities of the Islamic regime to silence dissidents in Iran. The international community cannot turn a blind eye to this method of silent execution operated by the Islamic regime in Iran, and need to act now before more political prisoners lose their lives.   A related recent incident of Afshin Osanloo, 42, a jailed worker and a political prisoner, who died on 21 June 2013 in the notorious Rajai Shahr prison in Iran, portrays the urgency of a needed action by the international community.

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