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Politics Free of Black Money

Black Money has been lot in the Hot News. Every Political Party is Promising to bring back Black Money and utilizing it for the benefit and welfare of General Public, The poor and the marginalised. But it has been observed that the biggest beneficiary of Black Money are the Political Parties themselves. During the recent Loksabha and Assembly elections it has been observed that this Political Parties are spending thousand of crores of Rupees just for make over of their political leaders as well as money is just wasted on several Political Leaders. This money is also used by the Political Parties to gain strength and also many illegal activities of the Parties. and also many fun activities of the Parties is carried out using this money. If utilised it by right means It could be a Huge Source for the Welfare of General Public, But I believe no Political Party Leader would Part with that. If you can Believe than this is the Best bank for Funding Black Money or the Ill gotten money. As funds less that 20k are unaccountable, Maximum Funding is done below 20k which totally amount for thousands of Crore of Rupees. 

If we can have central Welfare fund (By the People Representative and for the People in need. ) with every pie being accounted for then there could be a possible change in the current scenario. What I suggest that there should be a cap on the maximum amount that a political Party can accept, beyond which all the amount needs to be deposited with the Central welfare fund. Lets say the cap is at Rs. 50 crore max which a political party can accept and use it for the welfare of its party members, beyond this amount all the amount received would automatically be transferred to the central fund and utilised for the benefit and welfare of General Public. If we can do this then we would definitely de-link black money and Political Parties. Also every Party should be encouraged to earn Political fund rather than coerce people to pay donation to then. They should carry out activities on a regular basis to generate fund for themselves and donations should be the last resource. Also every expenses of the Party fund should be informed and accounted for. If they fail to do it then they should automatically be banned for activities for a year or beyond and if need bees the Party and its members should be banned for life.

Political Parties are formed for the welfare of the People but it is found that the money funded to them is used for their own lavish life style and other activities. 

If you believe in the cause and purpose then I call upon you to accept the challenge of ridding the Political Parties and its associates of Black Money altogether and create and clean Political Scenario for the People of our Country. Lets set an example for the other to follow. I urge everyone to join hands in cleaning Politics of Black Money and create a better future for the coming generations. Treat this as a PIL. 

Lets Free Politics of Black Money... Jai Hind.

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