10% of world military spending to create the "Preserve Life Fund"

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"10% of  Annual World Military Spending to protect Life".     #atenforlife

Our survival depends on our ability to improve our health related capabilities all over the world. Sanitation must improve; education must improve; R&D to confront the new epidemics must improve; a global immediate response team must be in place, etc. But it requieres funding. A lot of it! 
Now we know that, in order to defend ourselves from these kinds of threats, missile systems are useless; multi million dollars jet-fighters are useless;  multi-billon dollar aircraft carriers are useless; and so on, and so on. (The Gerald Ford aircraft carrier cost: $12,8 billion dollars)
The time has come to place the preservation of Life back on top; the number one priority is to protect Life in all its forms.
The time has come for us, citizens of the world, to demand from our political leaders, that 10% of all military budgets annually everywhere in the world, be devoted to protecting life. With that money, a global "Preserve Life Fund" can be established to deal with our most urgent threats: pandemics, global warming and climate change; as well as massive migrations, among others. In 2018, it would have represented... $180 billion dollars to preserve Life!