We demand that governments take concrete measures to curb the climate crisis

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Today we face a great crisis. We are all paying a very high price for "development". 

States, companies and our leaders are passive accomplices: their decisions and actions are not up to par to counteract global warming and sustains models of societies that place particular interests above collective ones.

Citizens also have huge responsibility in this catastrophe. We have naturalized an individualistic and indolent consciousness, blind to the common good and with unacceptable levels of inequality and environmental destruction.

But we believe in a mobilized, conscious and lucid humanity that working together can be a great engine of change towards a more equitable, respectful and responsible world for the future.

What do we demand? That at COP 25 the world's leaders commit themselves and guarantee measures so that the temperature rise does not exceed 1.5 degrees and they declare their countries in Climate Emergency.

We will achieve this by adding millions of signatures from all corners of the world, generating the necessary pressure for leaders to make definitive decisions that guarantee a future for humanity.

This is why the 6DNow global movement is born, to move millions; take out wills - gather citizens, social organizations, companies and governments - in all corners of the world with effective commitments of concrete actions, habit changes, dissemination, and social pressure give life to the largest network of climate actions that our history has ever known.

Together we can stop the climate crisis and secure our future for humanity

We need you and many more: SIGN THIS LETTER, make your commitment and share. 

On December 6th this letter will be given to the world’s political leaders at COP25 in Madrid.

We need your support. We are convinced that together we are going to make it.

6DNow global movement.