Legalise abortions in Poland. Women deserve a choice!!!

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The plan for right now is to gain as much attention as possible from not just Poland. women cannot protest right now due to the Corona virus so this is one of the best things to do to help them. Hopefully if we get enough attention this will progress further and influence political views.

If you want to help in another way then you can simply educate yourself. Learn about the law and if you have any other suggestions on how this could possibly make an impact then that would be great.

Since 2016 Poland has banned all abortion rights in the country. Because of this strict war, women have to travel to other countries to have an abortion. However they only go abroad if they are lucky. For the not so wealthy or I'll women, they have to perform illegal abortions that can lead to dangerous infections and other health risks. 

It isnt right that a government consisting of mostly men should be able to take away the choice of a woman and her body. Banning abortion can even take away some women's lives due to complications in childbirth. We think we live in a modern society where there is "equality" but in reality women still dont have the ability to make decisions solely by themselves. Don't you think its finally time for a change? Finally we have platforms and media where our voices can be heard and we cannot let that go to waste.

Most women cant even afford or provide a good home for these children so theres are so many that are dropped off at adoption centres and all these pro lifers think that they dont need to adopt because its "not their problem." We all know that children are kept in bad conditions because of this abortion ban and we all know its not right. So how about we stop adding more children into these buildings that they will definitely not be happy in and finally let women decide for themselves the fate of THEIR embryo.

Women in Poland are also protesting by painting red lighting bolts on their palms and faces but we need more support. So please whether in the world you are you can help potentially save a women's life and stop a child from living in misery. It's a start of a revolution after all!

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