Stop police from the Brutal use of rubber bullets

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Over the past week, there have been many protests in the United States for the Black Lives Matter Movement and police brutality as a result of the unjust and inhumane death of George Floyd. 

During these protests demanding justice, many police forces have used rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, and batons to control crowds. Rubber bullets are considered a "non-lethal method of crowd control." However fired at too close a range or too high, rubber bullets can be dangerous and even deadly. 

There have been far too many cases in which many children, reporters, and peaceful protestors have been injured by these rubber bullets when they are supposedly intended for “an extremely dangerous crowd”.  Dr. Jose Torradas, a spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians, stated to Insider that while rubber bullets are intended to be a relatively harmless crowd-control technique, they can be extremely harmful, leading to everything from fractures to death. 

By signing this petition, we can raise awareness and get it seen by policy makers and politicians so that change can happen and we can ensure the safety of these protestors who are fighting for nothing but justice, equality, and human rights!