the burn book needs to be deactivated and people behind it need punishment

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for about 3 months now , this account called the @5sos.bookofburn has been treating fans of 5 seconds of summer absolutely disgusting.  the owners behind the account say they aren’t the problem - but the people who “send in” the confessions are.  they are the problem simply because they are posting all of these disgusting lies about people.  this account has lead countless people to so many bad places.  i’ve seen main targets on this account attempt suicide because they thought that was the only way their bullying would ever stop.  they harass , stalk , and bully people non stop to the point it makes people feel so unsafe.  they make fun of others as well , making them feel low about themselves.  each and every owner of this account is extremely insecure and jealous to be mocking out , bullying , harassing , stalking and coming after innocent people.  hundreds of people have classified the people behind this account to be “crazy” “physco” and even “criminals”.  and i have to say i agree.  many people have told others who want to take this farther so it may stop that they’re taking it too far and the owners “shouldn’t be disiplined for something they did as teenagers”.  what matters more ? people considering ending their lives ? or these owners continuing to make others feel horrible ? they are the reason the 5 seconds of summer fans are becoming so divided , crazy ( literally ) and broken apart.  i have contacted the owner of the account , asking to stop posting about me since she harasses me every single day , and she told me that if i wanted her to stop , to message her.  so i did.  what’d she do ? continues to post about me.  absolutely nothing will stop them.  i believe some punishment is needed in order for them to learn that they are seriously hurting people and it’s not okay.  it’s not a joke , because telling others to “kill themselves” and making fun of and watching every little thing they do isn’t a joke.  it’s literally criminal behavior.  they don’t understand that no matter what age you are , if you say things to make someone suicidal and then they follow through and actually commit suicide , it’s a different form of murder and you are charged $25,000 without immediate bail from juvenile prison / jail.  if you make someone commit while you are a juvenile , your sentence will be carried until you are an adult and you will be moved into jail.  bullying isn’t some funny joke for laughs and giggles.  people become depressed.  people become insecure.  people become isolated.  people become anxious.  people become alone.  people start having eating disorders.  people become suicidal.  why ? because i’ve watched it with my own eyes , and the people becoming this way are all from that account.  whether the punishment be their account gets taken down forever , or they’re all locked up in juvenile prison for harassment , bullying , and stalking ( for own of the owners , drug possession ).  don’t tell me “it’s something they did as teenagers”.  how else are they going to learn for the future ? they’re old enough to know not to bully people.  end the bullying victims suffering from them , before it ends their lives.  for good. 

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