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Teen Suicide

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Suicidal behavior is defined as a preoccupation or act that is focused on causing one's own death voluntarily. You can have the thought of suicide, known as 'intent' or 'idealization' or the behavior or gesture. An intent to cause one's death is essential in the definition. Suicidal idealization refers to thoughts of suicide or wanting to take one's own life. Suicidal behavior is the actions taken by one who is considering or preparing to cause his or her own death. Suicide attempt or gesture usually refers to an act focused on causing one's own death that is unsuccessful in causing death. Suicide refers to having intentionally caused one's own death.

The vast majority of suicides are related to emotional or psychiatric disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, and others. Unsuccessful suicide attempts also are common and outnumber actual suicides.Suicide can be commit in different ways just like hanging yourself, shooting yourself with a gun, poisoning yourself, and many more. This different ways are the most common suicidal acts done by teens.

Boys are more likely than girls to commit suicide. Teens of both gender and all ages are at risk of suicide. It is especially tragic cause of death in teens, young and adults. All of this is preventable if the guardian of the teens are aware of signs of depressions. The following signs that may signal that a depressed teen may be considering suicide:

1. Withdrawal from friends and family member

2. Difficulty getting along with others

3. Rebellious behaviors

4. Changes in the quality of schoolwork or lower grades

5. Appearing bored or distracted

6. Writing or drawing pictures about death

7. Dramatic personality changes

8. Drug or alcohol abuse

9. Sleep disturbances

10. Having a history of previous suicide attempts

If you are concerned about how to comport a depressed teen, don't be afraid to talk to them about there problems. Be a good listener, don't judge them by the way they act or talk. Ask them directly if he or she has ever thought of killing himself or herself. If ever he or she answered seek a help for the professionals to assure the safety of the teen.





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