Justice for whole FAMILY

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Hey everyone!!

Everyone loves Thier family no doubt.all though "money makes you rich and family make you wealthy." 

Everyone have trust on thier mother.loves them with thier true heart. 

This is the case of a family once lived happily.yash gill(16)underage,son of Mr.eishvinder gill and Mrs.kiran gill .

Unfortunately kiran had an affair with a punjabi singer hardeep singh sarpanch.she used to meet him at the hotels in night but no one doubted her.she didn't realize that she had two childrens.BUt somehow Mr eishvinder caught her.

He scolded and asked she said by her own tongue that she have affair both yash and eishvinder was grief stricken .they used to cry daily on mother's day.kiran was so selfish she never loved his son and husband.instead she sometimes throw acid on head of her husband.she mixed the powder of cleaning in thier food and very cheap things which they ignored.

On Tuesday,28th may kiran came to her residence at lajpat nagar a -248 in stairs eishvinder scolded her and taught not go in thier house. She got agressive and started shouting.


Observing all these events unfortunately yash shot her mother on her thighs in case of self defense and ran away.

Kiran's sister Fired a case on Mr eishvinder gill,yash gill, eishvinder's mother and eishwinder sister

I want ask peolpe who is responsible for the whole incidents.i would like to blame kiran kiran gill for ruining the life of her husbands family.

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