We Demand Justice for Sheku Bayoh, We Demand to Know the TRUTH.

Weʼre raising £5.000 to cover a judicial review to the home office Is been rejected an application for leave to remain I have been live in the UK since 02/14/2004 I have worked 14 years of my life in this country I have never left the I need your help to solve this unfair situation from home office they are breach human rights
Gilberto Das Neves-Jardin has lived in the UK for 17 years, but he is now facing immediate deportation to Portugal as his leave to remain has been refused. We want the Home Office to revoke this decision and allow Gilberto to continue living in the UK, which is now his home.
Gilberto came to the UK in 2004, and worked as a welder, paying tax and National Insurance for 14 years. In 2017, the Home Office revoked his status and told him he could no longer work and could not claim benefits, and now he faces deportation at any time. He has built a life in Leeds, had two children in the UK, and paid into the system for many years.
Like many, Gilberto's past isn't perfect and he has a couple of minor criminal convictions but these are years old. For the previous three years he has been living like a prisoner in his own home, unable to work, with no recourse to public funds while waiting for a decision from the Home Office. Now he faces immediate deportation to a country he has no connection with, where he was once shot and severely injured.
 Gilberto is well-liked and respected in Armley and just wants to be able to rebuild his life in a country that he considers home and that he contributed to for 14 years - and still would be doing so if his right to work had not been withdrawn.
We urgently need help to try to persuade the Home Office to reconsider their decision and allow Gilberto to get on with his life - please show your support by signing this petition. and raising funds to pay a barrister

gilberto jardin, leeds, ENG, United Kingdom
3 months ago
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