Greater accountability for the NSW Police Force

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Dear The Hon. Mark Speakman

I write to you as a solo mother to express my horror after three MALE police officers man-handled me on 18 November 2020, resulting in me suffering injuries and traumatising my young child.

As if life is not tough enough having a daughter, providing relief care for my grandmother and being self-employed.

When two NSW Police officers arrived at my door stating that I was under arrest without any documentation, I requested more than 20 times for those officers to leave my property and wait for my solicitor to arrive - but they refused!

My three year old child was screaming as she had heard them say they would be taking me with them and arresting me.

Within minutes, another seven officers arrived on my property to forcibly remove me from my home despite my solicitor agreeing to drive me to the police station for an interview.

I beg you Mr Speakman to urgently change police powers to ensure officers have greater accountability to the NSW Courts, given police do not follow the Evidence Procedures or the rule of law to arrest someone.

The trauma and pain and suffering I have experienced from this brutal arrest makes me sad to be Australian because I know our grandfathers and great grandfathers went to war to save us from NAZI Germany in the 1940’s.

Mr Speakman, may I ask that you repeal Section 99 of LEPRA which currently gives powers to officers to arrest someone “without warrant”.

In 2013, the NSW Government changed the Law Enforcement (Power Regulation) Act 2002 to give officers authority to arrest someone if there is “reasonable suspicion of having committed an offence”.

Mr Speakman, I know our legal system is based upon proving a crime beyond reasonable doubt - but NSW Police officers have automatic powers to ruin an innocent person’s life by pursuing legal proceedings without a proper purpose.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing urgent LEPRA changes to help deliver justice to the people of our great State of NSW.

Yours faithfully

Concerned Citizen