Let's make Schools safe again

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The gruesome state of affairs in our current education system, especially in schools, is shocking to say the least. Numerous cases of child abuse, murders, sexual molestation, rapes of school children etc. over the last few years (and increasing every year) just goes on to show how the administration has completely failed to create an environment of safety and protection for our children.

Schools have become money minting machines, the fees are skyrocketing, schools are literally turning into 5-star hotels. Then why has the basic requirement of children safety been compromised? Aren't the schools earning enough, making enough money to ensure that our children are safe and protected at all times? 

In the last 1 month 2 major cases have rocked the nation. First, a 5-year boy in Gurgaon was brutally murdered. Second, a 7-year old girl was raped. Just imagine the pain of their parents. This is disgusting. What is the kind of country we are living in? What is the kind of countrymen we are living between?

This is simply UNACCEPTABLE.

I've a 1-year old daughter, and as a young parent, I'm already worried. How will I find strength to send my child to school? In the light of such events and state of affairs, how do parents like me find courage to send their children to schools? Has my country become so unsafe that I have to now worry if my child will return back from school? Not from the war-front, not a terror-stricken land, not even a enemy-country, but from our own neighborhood school? This is sad. This is non-sense. This is JUST NOT DONE.

I'm making a plea to every parent to knock on their respective child's school and ask these questions -

1. Are the teachers, support staff, bus driver, conductor etc. POLICE verified?
2. Do they have any criminal history?
3. Do the school authorities have proper verified address proof, ID proof etc of all staff.

The school needs to start investing more in our children safety IMMEDIATELY and I'm making an appeal to the administration (HRD ministry) to make it a law, a rule for every school to strictly follow -

1. Deploy cameras everywhere!
2. Have multiple lady guards inside schools - in schools buses, school grounds, in all isolated areas
3. Police-verification of all school staff MANDATORY in every 6 months (from principal to peon).
4. Police-verification of bus driver & conductor every 3 months atleast.

Let schools be charged for these verifications. They make enough money and should not mind to spend a little extra in our children safety.

I encourage all parents to come forward and share their suggestions and ensure we are able to create a "Safe school, Safe country" for our children.