Legislative Act to Provide First Responder Health and COVID-19 Relief

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Throughout Florida and our local communities, first responders continue to face daily challenges resulting from the Novel Coronavirus pandemic (hereinafter “COVID-19”).  Some have been exposed and contracted the virus during their public safety and life-saving efforts. Sadly, some of our frontline heroes have been lost and leave behind families and survivors.  These heroic actions must not go unsupported!

To care for these heroes, we drafted a preliminary bill to extend and improve protections and services to first responders directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic exposures.  We have submitted the draft language to Florida legislators entitled:  "Florida First Responder Health and COVID-19 Relief Act of 2020" which is modeled after previously approved legislation following the September 11 terrorist attacks and are coordinating with sponsors to push this early legislation.

The draft of the bill can be viewed at WayneForSheriff.  Please join our support for the Relief Act by signing our online petition and contact your elected representatives directly to show your support for our everyday heroes!