Justice for ongoing Break and Enter and Property Damage unit7 Murry Riverside Village

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There have been ongoing events at this unit in this park since I moved here in 2012, I'm asking people to come forward about the ongoing break and enters and property damage to my building in the park.

I find it amazing with a caretaker living next door to the building and they still see nothing.

The other forms of harassment have been well documented.

This also includes theft of entire contents of the building on settlement in 2012 the building was purchased fully furnished through Landmark Cobram and had a settlement date that was later changed after I paid for the building of which is illegal.

I was also told I would be able to run a business there which I have now found out is also illegal.

I was told that the woman supposed daughter of the elderly gentleman that passed away, wanted to spend the last weekend there and clean the house.

When I arrived there the residential building had been stripped police refusing to attend.

Park owner stating that is was the daughter and she got the caretaker to carry everything out to her car, even the fridge !!!

I have also been told by a tradesperson in Shepparton that in-fact they opened the building when I left and told everyone to take whatever they wanted.

Since then I have had around 42 events of break and enter and property damage, people claim they never see anything Ohhhhh come on !!

This has also included deliberate flooding of the building and electrical.

I have also been ripped off by many tradespeople and told that they were qualified when they weren't in building an extension.

On completion, I was told good luck when it rains now your going to know what it's like to be flooded.

These People have been named by others for illegally entering the home, then they will be-friend you to make out that you were friends with them prior fucking scum.

Garry Versello

Nephew of Garry Versello

Garry Meacham

Mathew Graham Borghero

Rebecca Latross Simpson

Simon Simpson