Justice for murfad shah Who was killed by Security forces in farooq Abdullah residence

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Family members of #SyedMurfad Hussain Shah who was killed at the residence of ex-CM Dr. Farooq Abdullah are holds a press conference at Press Club Jammu.

The killing of Syed Murfad Shah is a custodial murder shrouded in mystery. As family members of Syed Murfad Shah, we are in a state of shock. It is hard to believe that Murfad is not among us and what is more shocking is the manner in which administration and Police has been taking undue advantage of the humbleness and silence of the family. We cooperated with District Administration and Police right from the moment, we heard about the killing of Murfad.

But what was got so far is disappointment and deceit. We came to know through newspapers that an FIR has been lodged against the Murfad on the basis of the complaint made by CRPF. If this is a fact, then Jammu Police should hang their head in shame since the two men leading the force in Jammu have a reputation of being honest and sincere police officers. How could they not lodge an FIR from the side of family which has lost its only son?

Isn’t this a cold blooded murder? Who are they fooling? We trusted them and they are busy peddling lies and creating a narrative wherein they would call it a case of intrusion and later, brand Murfad as intruder and close the case. This isn’t going to be easy for anyone in the Police and District administration. Pictures as well as Videos of the spot of the killing are all over the social media. Jammu region is slowly but steadily getting to know the reality behind the killing. We, Shaheed Murfad’s family are getting support from all the corners.

The Police said, the ‘intruder’ breached the security by ramming into gate and drove vehicle to inner gardens of the house despite repeated warning to stop. He got off the jeep, and entered into scuffle with the guards while rushing towards main lobby of the house. While inside the house he ransacked furniture and was trying to climb the stairs towards first floor. The Police haven’t explained in detail how he was allowed to do all this.

The narrative that is being built would not work. The dead body was shifted to the hospital in the absence of magistrate yet we did not raise a finger of suspicion on the Police and instead, we firmly believed that police would not disappoint us and take strict action against the accused who had posted their pictures on the Facebook, as if to suggest that it was an intruder who they had neutralised. But what appeared in media immediately after the killing left us shocked.

We agreed for a magisterial inquiry, believing that administration would immediately seek arrest of the two accused who have themselves posted their pics on the Facebook but the magistrate has instead preferred taking a longer route.

This is more a time buying exercise and less a serious effort to nab culprits and start the investigation. Police should have started investigation into the cold blooded murder of Syed Murfad but what has appeared in the media clearly shows that the higher-ups don’t want the CRPF men to be booked and the killing case be taken to the logical conclusion.

The theory being floated of Murfad being a drug addict is very hard to believe. He was a fitness freak who would go to gym twice a day, as could be seen from hundred of his pictures on his Facebook profile.

Another lie!

Was the gate already open?

The gate stands tall and strong, almost impossible to be broke open by a monocoque car. The marks visible on Murfad’s car point towards a slight contact, at best. Had it broken the gate, the car’s front fascia would bear more damage than what it has, as shown in the picture.

Another Lie!

Do Abdullah’s leave whole house open?

As per Police, Murfad was shot after a scuffle in the lobby of Abdullah’s when he was trying to sneak into their bedroom. It is very difficult to understand how an intruder got access to two former Chief Ministers’ lobby--the inner private area of their residence. And moreover, why no court of inquiry has been instituted against the CRPF men for breach of security as is being said.

Why would a youngman belonging to family of Gun Manufacturers and sellers go all the way to Bhathindi, to the residence of Dr. Farooq Abdullah to snatch a weapon. This is a blatant lie and hard to digest.

A pertinent question?

Why shot in the chest?

As per SOP, security personnel would shot at tires of Murfad’s vehicle when he drove his vehicle inside. Even then in the scuffle that ensued, as per police claim, the bullet was to be fire in the leg. Murfad was unarmed and alone, and could have easily been overpowered. Why shot him in the chest?

Any probe will essentially focus at the breach of security. Was the gate not fully secure? The investigation may end in corrosion of gate knobs as Abdullahs come to this house rarely and this particular gate is used only by FA. To unravel truth, probe must focus on motive. It is hard to believe what Police are saying.

Our single demand is registration of FIR against the CRPF personnel whose pictures as well as names are with the police within 72 hours. The two should be arrested and interrogated for their act crime.

Magisterial inquiry is of no consequence and it is merely a time buying exercise.

Selective and deliberate media leaks into the investigation should be avoided. The youngman is dead and he was Jammuite and a nationalist to the core.