Review POLFED pension challenge funding refusal contrary to their rules on fund rules

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Under the fund rules as set out by the Police Federation of England & Wales, those officers who recently won the discrimination of public sector pensions are entitled by the POLFEDS own rules to have the challenge funded as set out below.....

Also the main reason given by the federation for not funding the challenge is that the Fund Rules don’t allow it. This is not true.
There have been three sets of rules since the officers involved started this challenge and under all three, the rules allow for the costs to be covered.

26. The National Fund may be used to meet the cost of legal advice and/or assistance for and to support legal action (including the defence of proceedings) by or on behalf of the National Board and/or the Federation, including:
30.1. on any matter relating to police pay, allowances, expenses or pensions;.
30.3. on any matter relating to the treatment of Members, including, without limitation, discrimination 30.5. on any other matter which the National Board may from time to time consider appropriate to support in relation to the employment position of Members;


Therefore we the undersigned are calling for HMG & the Home office in particular to compel the POLFED to fund the pension challenge as set out in their fund rules which are legally binding.