Police Division to Enforce Animal Protection in Ontario

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Due a lack of funding, the OSPCA will no longer be enforcing animal cruelty laws in the province of Ontario.  This is very concerning not only for the animals but also for the safety of veterinarians and technicians, the Humane Society, other animal rescue and welfare groups, and the general public (infectious disease, retaliatory behaviour).

The OSPCA will shift into a support role in animal cruelty investigations, providing animal shelter, forensic evidence collection and veterinary services.  

The OSPCA would like to see a model similar to that in New York, where the NYPD has an animal cruelty squad that leads investigations and works with the American SPCA, which handles similar support services.

It is past time for the Ontario Government to pass legislation regarding the enforcement of tougher animal cruelty laws, and to allocate funding towards the training and maintenance of an animal cruelty unit within the Ontario Provincial Police.