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First let me say... there is no color... only love for one another. HMGD

When I was married to a man with no color.... it was very important to me that he would always be safe. The police made sure of that, our local and top governments... family, friends and neighbors also made sure my husband was always safe. That marriage ended for reasons not necessary to mention, yet my ex husband remains to be safe in the community in which he lives, loves and sleep. Even though he is my ex... it is still important to me that he is safe because he is the father to my children but most importantly he's a human being.

Now I'm married to a man of color... and it is still important to me that he will be safe. But I have no confidence from the police to make sure that he is safe. Nor do I feel like my local and top governments couldn't care less if he was safe. Some neighbors, may care, but not really care because senseless acts of unarmed men of color are being executed around the world and nothing is being done about it. Maybe a post here or a march there... but, like I said.. some may care. But I care and again I say... everyday it is very important to me that my husband remains safe. Not because he is the father of my children, because we don't have any together, but because he is a human being. And the man that I love!

If laws have to be changed... change them. There are way to many high ranking officials killing people of color without any kind of reprimand or remorse.  

If someone takes a life of another human being no matter what your job, your title is... you should face and suffer the consequences. Your life is no better than the one you just took. You are not GOD nor judge or jury.

If folks who still think like they did back in the dark ages still thinking they are superior to anyone because of the color of their skin is a problem for THEM. And should just move to a location where it is only THEM and they can live happily ever after. With people who look and act like THEM. And NO one is threatening their existence.

God gave us this world to love one another and take care of one another keeping one another safe. This craziness needs to stop! I live in fear of my husband leaving our home everyday. No one should have to live this way. I didn't live this way before, and why should I have to live like this NOW... because of the color of my husbands skin. It really feels like I'm failing him... but society is failing him.

Please sign this petition to get laws changed, abolish old outdated laws, and get new laws made... so this world can see better, brighter days. 

I didn't know where to start. But I see the people here on have huge hearts. Where laws are being changed and laws are being made. Please help me today. Thank you!  #letschangelives #letschangetheworld #lettheviolencestop  


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