Lebanon City Police Reform

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To our mayor:

*Reallocate a significant portion of police funds to mental health, social services, child welfare services, substance abuse services, physical health services, animal control, financial and necessity assistance programs, and child care assistance programs.
*Require cultural sensitivity/ implicit bias training for all employees of the city (politicians, social services, schools)
*Focus on trauma informed practices in our social service programs and schools.

To our local Police Departments:

*Require mental health screenings prior to employment, periodically, and after traumatic encounters
*Monitor social media habits of officers to ensure they’re behaving acceptably and not showing any troublesome biases that may prevent them from properly doing their job as well as vetting applicant’s social media before they’re hired.
*Make officer’s past offenses public record and easily accessible.
*Make reporting of fellow officer’s misconduct mandatory and provide protection and support for the reporting officer to avoid retaliation.
*Make de-escalation and cultural sensitivity/implicit bias training mandatory and provide yearly refresher courses.
*The following offenses should be able to be punished by termination and/or civilly punishable
- Kneeling on an individual’s neck
- Choke holds
* Require a warning before shooting
*suspend without pay officers who are under investigation for excessive use of power/force
*fire officers who are confirmed to have used excessive use of power/force
*Require all other options be exhausted before resorting to fatal tactics
*Ban shooting at moving vehicles unless it is to stop them from immediately hitting individual(s)
*decriminalize or de-prioritize enforcement of low level offenses, many of these instances can be referred to other agencies in our community
*establish enforceable bans on racial profiling, as we can the use of consent searches, pretext stops, and stop and frisk
*ban no knock warrants
*all investigations should be done independently and not in-house
*move towards community-oriented policing