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Petitioning Faulkner University and 8 others

Police Corruption and Rape are not Tolerated: Stop Universities from Covering for Employees who have destroyed Innocent Civilians Lives!


I was raped by a coach at Faulkner University. I reported the incident to university officials, who did nothing.  I then reported the incident to the Montgomery Police Department. Subsequently, the coach assaulted me for having reported the incident. While my case was pending, I received a letter stating that I have been suspended from the university.

This is a poem i  wrote after the raped.


Thoughts of words of wisdom

Expressing the drive by hit

This time its a crane

Its a crane, its a crane, its a crane

Blue eyes white hand crane

Knock the joy from my life

Took my dignity, i have to hide my pride

Paralyzed my inner man

Eyes blinking, lips are sealed, I've just got crushed

In search of the inner man strength

Pretty blue eyes white hand crane

With a dark heart, needing a human magnifying glass

Its not tears of joy

Tears flowing like Niagara Falls

The pain and torture have Mr. Suicidal step in

The inner man got to find the inner man strength

The inner man look to the hills and the mountains

Where the higher power put a foot forth

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Faulkner University
Montgomery Police Department
Faulkner University
and 6 others
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Alabama State House
Alabama State Senate
President of the United States
Alabama Governor
University officials need to stop protecting faculty and staff who have committed egregious crimes. It's time to protect the victims.