Govt should replace non-ISI helmets for a nominal charge and stop bullying citizens

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To the Home minister of Karnataka,


District collector of Bangalore and

District commissioner of police,  Bangalore.

          Public in Bangalore is surprised with Govt's decision to mandate ISI compliant helmets and ban half helmets. Citizens have a few issues with this

1. Why was this not enforced at the manufacturer end ? Why do we have people selling non-ISI helmets in every street and store?

We demand the Govt to enforce this first on manufacturers and bring out affordable helmets with ISI label.

2. What to do with already purchased helmets? 

We demand the Govt to exchange the old helmets with a nominal charge to ISI labelled (tested) helmets before changing the law.

3. Some people with respiratory problems can't wear full faced helmets which are closed and make it difficult to breathe. Don't ban the half face helmets. 

Make standards better for half face helmets such as a stronger buckle system. But don't cause more pain to people who are already fighting with troubled breathing.

4. Make it mandatory for all traffic and civilian police to wear ISI complaint helmet. Both rider and pillion.  Why not lead by example?

The law should be changed only once Govt ensures to replace all old helmets with ISI labelled ones both from people and stores.

 We hope you understand citizen's concern and do the needful.