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Ban high beam headlights in city limits

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You are at greater risk when you drive at night. Drivers cannot see hazards as soon as in daylight, so they have less time to respond. Drivers caught by surprise are less able to avoid a crash. The problems of night driving involve a combination of driver, roadway and vehicle factors. Driver Factors Vision: People cannot see as sharply at night or in dim light. Also, their eyes need time to adjust to seeing in dim light. Most people have noticed this when walking into a dark movie theater. Glare: Drivers can be blinded for a short time by bright light. It takes time to recover from this blindness. Older drivers are especially bothered by glare. Most people have been temporarily blinded by camera flash units or by the high beams of an oncoming vehicle. It can take several seconds to recover from glare. Even 2 seconds of glare blindness can be dangerous. A vehicle going 55 mph will travel more than half the distance of a football field during that time. Do not look directly at bright lights when driving. Look at the right side of the road. Watch the sidelines when someone coming toward you has very bright lights. High beam headlights can dazzle oncoming drivers making it difficult for them to see the lanes and hazards on the road, and they can also affect drivers you are following by being too bright in their rear view mirror. You should be at least 200m behind the vehicle in front to have your headlights on full beam. If an oncoming vehicle is closer than 200m away you need to dip your headlights, too. You can use your full beam headlights even if there are streetlights, but be courteous to road users other than cars, such as cyclists and pedestrians. You should dip your headlights if a police officer is directing traffic. If you want to park your vehicle for a short time and it is night time keep the vehicle as visible as possible without compromising other road users - pick a visible position and leave your parking or hazard lights on. Avoid looking at the headlights of oncoming vehicles because it will cause your pupils to contract and make you less able to see hazards. If you are dazzled, look at the left of the road, slow down and stop if necessary until your eyes recover. You are allowed to briefly flash your headlights immediately before starting an overtaking manoeuvre to help warn the driver ahead of you that you are overtaking. Some new cars have automated cancellation of the high beam headlights, though these systems are still not perfect, and have the problem of drivers getting out of the habit of checking their lights themselves. So we herby request you to ban such practices and fine suitably the offenders. Also create awareness among drivers of cabs and luggage carriers who do this offence at large

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