Take Action against my son's kidnapper

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On the 17th of April I sent the papers to request court orders to get visitation to see my son.
On the 25th of April, I woke up to a call from my mother, Simona Cifarelli, my sons mother, had been given notice and was going crazy, saying she would be on the next flight out the country.
See I had requested the orders be served without notice, as notice would frustrate the orders applied for, the court failed me in that matter.
Anyway upon hearing the news I checked my mail and I had been served too. So I called the numbers, emailed the email addresses and then went straight to the Royal High Court at the Strand. I was given an appointment in court 34 with Mr. Justice Williams. Who refused my application and refused to see me. I have written formal complaints about him both before and after the abduction of my child.
I next went to the police station to put out a ports alert. Eventually I reported the incident of domestic violence which occurred on the 31st of March and prompted me to file the court papers. I was told the port alert had been put out and they would send an officer to visit her in an attempt to deter her from leaving the country.
She confirmed this happened.
I got a call the next day from the police to say that there wasn't any evidence for the domestic violence allegations and nothing could be done.
Shortly after I received news from my mother that Simona had left the country and was in Italy.
We had a short conversation which I have a recording of.
This recording, the birth certificate to prove parental rights, I've sent them all to Daniel Sheridan at the Lewisham police station on:

Please email him on this email quoting reference number 3308146/18

Ask why this is not being taken seriously or treated as a crime!

Today they I got a call from DC Mary Purcell.
She tried to tell me because my son had previously lived in other countries I would have to pursue some form of mediation. When asked how long does my son have to live outside the country or what part of UK law stipulates that, being unable to provide me with an answer to either question she requested the court forms I had submitted to request the orders. I have scanned them and sent them to her.

My son has been abducted and taken to Italy by his mother on the morning of the 26th of April.The police tell me I have to wait until my court hearing on the 29th of May to decide whether my son's abduction out of school here and out of the UK is a crime.

I need this to be treated as crime and taken seriously! I need public support for proceedings for a crime to begin, so I can get my son brought back to the UK.
I am very worried.

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