Better Policing in the Hills

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For years now in the Hills we have been under policed and under protected. Local police stations in Monbulk and Emerald close at 5pm. There are no patrols in Gembrook, Cockatoo, Emerald, Avonsleigh, Macclesfield and Clematis to protect residents and businesses that are regularly broken into by local scumbags.   There are rarely police protecting our community unless they are called here for an issue. Often, when you report an incident, police come from Lilydale, Belgrave or Pakenham to assistance (25 minutes away at best).
Home burglaries and break ins, property theft and assaults are all on the rise in our community, and all we have is a great big tokenistic $8m taxpayer funded police station to show for it. After being promised a 24 hour station, the station remains undermanned.  I called in to the Emerald Police station today at 3:17pm to ask about a policing matter relative to our recent burglary and was told by an officer over the intercom  "mate, we're shut unless it's an emergency."  This might be COVID related, and it has also been suggested an officer can not open a police station alone under potential terrorism threats,  however, its not the first time a resident has turned up to be turned away, or to have their knock go unanswered because the police station is shut.
This is not good enough for our community, and nor is being told to "go online and report your crime!"  We need patrols, quick attendances and response to keep our community safer from this scum. Otherwise we will see more people going it alone with a variety of outcomes.
Single mothers, local families and businesses in the area need a quicker response, as does reports of scumbags attempting to break into your house or your shed, toolboxes or property.
The government of the day does not dictate rostered hours in any given police station, and I recognise that police numbers have been increased under this government. But its made no difference to our area where the population is increasing.  The Minister needs to be made aware of the lack of support out here, and Police Command need to know that the community expects more, and cater their roster to suit our expectations.  It's time we demanded more! 
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