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Stop Police Killing of Mentally Ill Suspects

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Research shows that some 25% of individuals killed by police are mentally ill. Often they "threaten" the police by carrying things like a pocket knife, a crowbar or a hammer....not a gun. 

Is shooting and killing them the only option for a police officer's self defense, especially when several officers are surrounding this person?

Of course not.  These victims are not terrorists or serial killers, they are mentally ill,  often delusional.  They simply may not have taken their medication.

We value police officers, but they desperately need training to stop killing mentally ill people who are not a serious threat to them or others.   Incapacitate them.  Don't kill them.  

Just google or go to YouTube and look up "police kill mentally ill person" and you will get articles and videos of these unnecessary killings ACROSS THE COUNTRY...IN CITY AFTER CITY.

Aren't we a more civilized society than this?  Yes, this IS sad.  Police can do better with non-lethal methods to subdue a mentally ill person.   How better it would be to save these lives and eliminate this terrible sadness for so many families...without endangering police officers.  

According to the Treatment Advocacy Center:

Twenty-five percent of people shot and killed by police during the first half of this year were identified by police or family members as mentally ill, according to a Washington Post analysis of nearly 400 police killings.

The Post conducted the investigation to highlight situations that most frequently lead to fatal shootings.

About half of the 400 shootings occurred after family members, neighbors or bystanders sought help from the police because someone was acting suicidal, behaving erratically or threatening violence.

The Treatment Advocacy Center in 2014 published an analysis of police shooting data and other information from a much larger sampling - nearly 40 years (1980-2008) - and concluded that “at least half of the people shot and killed by police each year in this country have mental health problems.”




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