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This is a petition for justice for Amanda Lene Jones. Amanda was killed by police December 21st, 2017. Officers John Aguillon, George Herrera, Jesse Arias and Johnny Longoria (Bexar County) shot 18 rounds killing Amanda and an innocent 6 year old boy who was inside the home.

The police first say that Amanda had a gun, was pointing it at the police and even exchanged gunfire and that there was a "shootout" between her and them. She never had a weapon! There was never a weapon found at the scene or in the woods that the pursuit took place in. The officers come out later saying it was a tubular object they mistaken for a gun. How can you mistake that for a gun? Didn't you guys say she was shooting at you? Why does the story keep changing?

It was first reported that she was on the run for burglary of a vehicle and a 911 call was made on her, now it's being reported that it was actually a bounty hunter that alerted deputies to the fact that Amanda was in the area (for credit card abuse.) The police say they made contact with Amanda off of FM1518 where she apparently pointed a gun at the officer and ran out of the house. That same officer has now recanted his statements admitting that he closed his eyes and flinched as Amanda ran past him. A pursuit took place through the woods and creek, the police say she brandished a weapon multiple times while saying "I'll shoot you". In one video the officer Salazar says that it was "unmistakably a gun" and even that she pointed it at "point blank" almost at one of the cops.

Amanda ended up in Pecan Grove with helicopters above her, a DPS trooper informed the responding officers that they did NOT see any firearms on Amanda. She walked into a trailer where Christopher Prescott told her to leave, she responded "you have kids I don't want any trouble" she then tried to walk out the front door where she was shot by officers Longoria, Herrera, Arias, and Aguillon. Longoria was not up to date on training requirements, Herreras body cam was turned off during the shooting and Arias and Longoria did not have body cameras at all.

The only footage is a helicopter video, that CLEARLY shows officers shooting as soon as Amanda comes out the door, she hits the ground (porch) almost instantly and police continue shooting a total 18 rounds. It then shows officers walking over Amanda never even checking for her pulse or anything like she wasn't even there.

At the end of the day a non violent crime should NEVER equal death. There was no reason to shoot and kill her or the innocent little boy who was playing in his home. Nobody was in life threatening danger, Amanda was 5'1, 120 pounds. 5 officers couldn't take her down without shooting? Why did they shoot with zero regard to being in front of a clearly OCCUPIED trailer?

We demand justice. We demand that this be looked into more and that the officers who opened fire be held accountable and be fired. We ask for change in the bexar county police department training and protocols so that this can't happen again. We would like the 4 officers who shot and killed Amanda to be charged. 4 days of administrative leave was a slap in the face. Please sign, she was someone's sister, cousin, daughter, friend not just some wanted felon "brandishing a gun", she was all about family and loved kids! Her family doesn't deserve this and neither did she. They can never have closure and peace of mind until JUSTICE IS SERVED. Bexar county police officers took the lives of two people who didn't deserve this and we won't stop until actions are taken!