Police Brutality - A Solution

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Police brutality and the abuse of human rights is a major ongoing issue in the world that we live in and it has yet to be resolved. “ 99% of killings by police officers from 2013-2019 have NOT resulted in officers being charged with a crime.” Our solution to this major problem is a system that live streams/live records police officer contact with the public to identify  brutality and/or actions contrary to human rights and simultaneously notifies the officer involved, their supervisor, as well as upper department management — immediately. This is so that officers can be disciplined before tragedy happens. We are proposing the idea to make it a felony for police officers to disable and/or turn off their live body cameras prior to any encounter while on duty. This will help both the public and police officers when they come into contact with each other since the live body camera will always have a person on the other end observing the encounter. Join our fight to end police brutality and the abuse of human rights and help restore the public’s faith in law enforcement.