No mask, no sanitizer, still human !

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Hello Folks/social workers/change agents/the ones willing to support,

I certainly understand that the current situation is a complete havoc & hope all the social workers are in their perfect health & quarantined.

I need your opinion in the form of either support or ignorance to this petition. Please feel free to involve others if needed. Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong in my understanding.

Though we are helplessly quarantined & immobile, but I understand as social workers/change agents, it's imperative that we reach out to more & more people for help, specifically now as it is the hour of need.

This is because, while many of us at homes are at our own state of comfort & sanitized enough & our refrigerators are decently filled with food & beverages & have access to buy everyday essentials even at this juncture, but there are people out in the street who are unfortunate & starving every single day. If not yet, so will they in coming days if this worsen (for god knows how many days).
And to their fate, they can't earn their own living due to the locked down, they don't even have people out on the street to even beg from & not even that they can reach out to some restaurants/cafes/hotel for food.

Plus the sanitation arrangements & the awareness which is of a different level of concern for this segment.

I know the government stimulus measures are there to support to a great extent to this hand-to-mouth segment & must admit that the government is doing an absolutely commendable job. However, there is a high possibility that a good number of people out in the street are still ignored & are at absolute mercy of their fatal destiny. What if, it is say mere 0.5% but of the 1.4 Billion population. What if, being ignorant on the sanitation measures, this segment infects other small/large groups & so on. The cascading effect is beyond imagination & nothing less than a nightmare.

I do not intend to scare but the situation is such that unfortunately, if this continues worsening, these socially ignored people may also participate into all kinds of anti-social activities including breaking into our own houses, stealing / robbing etc.

Just to give you a perspective, on Mar 22nd we all must have seen videos floating where many groups of people from across the country were out on the street, despite nationwide locked down. 'Ignorant' or 'stupid' what ever we may call them, when they don't even understand how fatal it is for their-own-selves, are they sane enough to think about lives of others when such one person/group is/are infected ? Unfortunately percentage of such buggers are much higher.

Can we do something about it?

Yes. the social worker groups who are currently helpless on account of Sec 144, may be granted freedom on mobility specifically for the purpose of this awareness program.
On the ground that they post fastening their own seat-belt first & being equipped with all the extreme safety measures, can step out & educate this segment of society about sanitation, provide them with food & even reach out to help on any other related matters.

We can reach out to authorities to grant their necessary permission which will not violate Sec 144 & still the message can be communicated. If not in groups then individually. If not in masses then by banging each door individually. I know some folks may be in the opinion of not participating because of some valid reasons & may also consider this as baseless. But we need to understand this is an abnormal situation and hence, needed to be dealt little abnormally for our own good & the society eventually.

Thanks & looking forward to see you signing this for granting an exception on currently imposed Sec 144 amid Covid19 havoc for select social worker group.


Subir Das