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Poland Spring and Nestle: It's our water! Stop bullying my community!

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    My name is Luke and I am 9 years old.  I live in Fryeburg with my mom and our water comes from the Fryeburg Water Company. Nestle, the biggest food and beverage corporation in the world, is trying to bully our community into a 45 year long contract for our natural spring water in rural Maine. If Nestle is allowed to sign a 45 year contract with Fryeburg, they will bully other towns across the country in agreements like this, too.   I do not feel that the 45 year contract is a good idea for several reasons.    1) The Nestle corporation has caused grief in many other countries and I'm afraid they have already caused grief in our community.  As Nestle takes our spring water, our town's water must now come from an area where an old industrial site once stood. If we want to drink our town's natural spring water, we have to buy it in the store.   2) Nestle's water brand Poland Spring claims to be a good neighbor, but I think when they sued the town and its people for saying "no" to them, that is not a good neighbor. In school we learn a lot about not bullying, and this seems like bully behavior to me. We do not want to be bullied for the next 45 years.    I think we could have a reward system and have them as neighbors for five years at a time and make sure they stay a good neighbors and make sure our aquifer stays agreeably healthy.   If this contract is allowed to go through, I will be 54 when I have the next opportunity to speak about this - because that is when the 45 year contract will be done.    My children and grandchildren may not have a voice in this matter. I want them to be proud of me and I must speak for them.    That's why my mom and I are asking the Public Utilities Commission to please not let Nestle take my community's water and pride. Do not support the 45 year contract. Please protect us.


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