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We Want Pokemon To be aired With Proper Schedule on Disney Network 

We all know Pokemon Condition in India In present 

But It's the time to change!!!!!!!

This petition Uptades You can get On Anime YouTube channels Like Anime Assemble , XT ANIVERSE, Rj Anime India, Ultimate Hakai , PokemonerY Pokeverse X and many more.....

Pokémon is a Japanese anime series. It came to Indian television in 2003, first airing on Cartoon Network. Later, it was also shown on Pogo. From 2014, Pokémon was shown on Hungama TV and then shifted to Disney XD which later was rebranded into Marvel HQ. The Pokémon anime is dubbed in Three languages: Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.[1] In 2014, the Pokémon anime had an Indian audience of 100.8 million viewers and was dubbed on Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on Hungama TV.