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Pokemon: Bring Greninja to the Aloha Region with Ash

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Out of all the Pokemon Ash has Greninja has been a major powerhouse when it comes to battle and during XYZ series he has a new form which its called Ash-Greninja which has something to do with the Bond Phenomenon. Now its been rencently announced that Ash-Greninja will be in the Sun & Moon Game which makes everyone wonder Will he be in the Sun & Moon Anime or more importantly will Ash take him with him to the Aloha Region to learn more about the Bond Phenomenon. Well Many fans of the Anime Series want to see Ash take Greninja with him and the reasons he should is...

that it's Ash's first fully evovled Water Starter meaning that the Water Starter Cruse is broken and now Greninja is now a major part when it comes to the Pokemon team and then Greninja & Ash unleashes his ultimate power during a battle, its called Ash-Greninja, a bond between a trainer and his pokemon that happens once every thousands of years, now its become a big part of the Pokemon world, it took down two MEGA evolved Pokemon and now it has also become the fan-favorite Pokemon to all Pokemon fans. Greninja has a very special bond with Ash & its an amazing battler, becasue of him, he almost got Ash to win the Kalos League.

So now this proves that Greninja should travel with Ash to the Aloha Region and every Pokemon Fans (who been Watching Pokemon XY the series since the beginning) wants to see that happen. 



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