Serana with ash in all future pokemon shows

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I want to help put Serena​ back in pokemon and stay with ash for good. I care because in pokemon XY and pokemon XYZ  Serena is my FAVORITE character right next to ash. And she always had a strong crush on Ash and I want to help make that crush come true.

The way we can make all that possible​ by for a start make Serena go to the Alola region in pokemon sun and moon. Then maybe Serena​ will diside if she will go with Ash for the rest of his jurnie. And be in all the future Pokemon shows. After all she was the only one in Pokemon shows that kissed Ash.

Serena has a crush on Ash because wonce Serena was in a Pokemon camp when her and Ash were younger and she was lost in the forest and Ash helped her get out. Then when they got older Ash taught her to never give up and she never does just like Ash. So let's work together and get Serena back in Pokemon shows forever!

I hope that you will diside to help me get Serena back in Pokemon shows forever!