Bring back Ash's Pidgeot

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Hello my name is Nathaniel Black and I am a huge Pokemon fan and I would just like to ask you a question regarding ash's Pidgeot and that is, throughout many generations of the Pokemon anime, 6 to be exactly we Pokemon fans have always been wondering if ash's Pidgeot will return to his team, or even return to visit him for one episode, it is now 2016 and we are approaching the 7th gen anime called Pokemon sun and moon. In the first generation, first season of the Pokemon anime, in the last episode of the indigo league season ash promised that he would return for his Pidgeot right after he got the GS ball form professor Ivy, and when he got back to Kanto, from traveling the orange islands, he did not return for it. Also, Ash said the same thing again in the first season of the Johto series called Pokemon the Johto journeys, in episode 15 titled (fighting flyer with fire) the same episode he fought the first gym leader in the Johto region being Falkner. Ash said that he would return for his Pidgeot, however, he broke his promise again, Pidgeot was one of Ash's most loyal Pokemon, second to Pikachu, with Pikachu being the first. As a Pidgetto he also helped ash make it back to the indigo conference for his battle against Richie in the Pokemon league by flying team rockets balloon with ash inside of it. If it wasn't for his Pidgetto, ash would have been disqualified from fighting Richie in the round of 16 in the indigo league. That is why if you could bring back his Pidgeot even for one episode and not just a cameo. Just for ash to visit his Pidgeot again or make him return to Ash's party, it would make a lot of us Pokemon fans happy.

Please sign this and let the Pokemon company international, TV Tokyo and Shopro Know as well, that you would like Pidgeot to return to Ash's team in the sun and moon anime series.



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