Keep the Senior Lot Raffle!!

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The Senior Parking Lot Raffle has worked for years. Now, we are expected to fight for spots every day as the administration and Board of Education change the lot to first come first serve. Upcoming seniors find this ridiculous and so do many other school goers and parents. The issues with this plan are clear. Adding yet another stress into the lifes of busy high school seniors that are already worrying about SATs, College, AP Tests, and their GPA is detrimental. Having to worry about getting a spot every day when coming to school and every day coming back from lunch is extremely worrying. The fear of the spot not being there when you return from your lunch because somebody else took it is completely real. Now that senior must drive around looking for another spot and might not find one within a block to the school. They now must walk to the school and this causes them to be extremely late. Yet, this is not the only issue with the Senior Lot Raffle changing. It is claimed that it is fair for everyone, But this is not true. It benefits zero period takers who arrive early and kids who don’t go out to lunch at all. Zero period students are guaranteed a spot every morning while everyone else must race for their own. The final reason supporting to keep the raffle is that seniors are new on the roads. Having a first come first serve lot will cause speeding and accidents. Students will constantly argue over where to park and race into spots, potentially causing damage to other student’s cars. With recent accidents, the town is definitely on edge and we all worry about car safety and keeping the youth of Point Pleasant safe. Overall, Seniors would much rather know that they do not have a spot in the Senior Lot after not winning a raffle ticket then having to wonder if you are going to get a spot every single day. Paying five dollars for a decal that does not even guarantee a spot is like throwing money out the window. This stressful motion will be detrimental to the Class of 2019’s final year in Point Pleasant Borough. Seniors urge for community members to get involved by writing letters to the Board of Education and signing this petition.

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