Rotational Workers: POE testing or We Stop Self Isolating

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This petition is on behalf of the rotational workers of Newfoundland and Labrador who are requesting point of entry testing. We think that we have been more than accommodating to the requests our government has made to us. We have self isolated for months, with many of us isolating away from family or not flying home at all. We have dealt with comments and looks from people in our towns. We have even dealt with people not wanting our children in their schools.

There comes a point where we will stand up for ourselves and refuse to self isolate, as out livelihood has been taken from us. There are 25-30,000 RW's (rotational workers) in our province. The amount of taxes us and our spouses alone pay in is a big chunk of what our province takes in yearly. Yet we are getting no leeway with our isolation. It was recently announced we could test and be free after 5-7 days. What exactly does this do for people who are home for 5-10 days (after you take out travel). Even 14-14 workers only get a few days out. I won't even mention what the poor international workers have to go through.

This petition is aimed towards the powers that be who can change this. We have heard adamantly that you will not be changing the rules on POE testing, yet it is proven to work for other provinces. We cannot stay locked up forever. There comes a point where you are going to lose us isolating and just go about our business as usual. Would you not rather have us tested than just out and about not knowing? Even the people who don't want to see us out of our homes would most likely prefer to at least know we have a negative result than no result at all, which is the point we are coming to.

All we are asking for is our lives back.