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Reinstate Mat Davis Back on the Board of Directors for Pogue's Run Grocer

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When you read newspaper articles about the beginnings of Indy Food Co-op, there is a vivid picture painted of how this non profit, community-owned cooperative grocery store was going to increase food access (in one of the largest food deserts in the country) and create healthy, natural food options. Pogue’s Run’s initial funds alone, totaling more than $700,000 from Near Eastside Legacy grants and other donations in addition to many unpaid member loans, were all donated for the purposes of creating greater food access in the immediate neighborhood.

My name is Mat Davis, I have been apart of the Indy Food Co-op and Pogues Run Grocer community for more than 7 years. Most recently, I became the second black board member since the Co-op’s inception; the first black person from Rivoli Park neighborhood. In high school, I attended planning meetings for Indy Food Coop at the Earthhouse—I was excited for the cooperative’s plans to move to my neighborhood where there was an overwhelming need.  I've been constantly disappointed by the Co-op’s sense of entitlement and privilege as it relates to helping the community with food security and access. But recently, PRG's struggles have intensified in regards to their perception of community and the cooperative itself, and I was kicked off of the board for trying to address this on-going pattern of privilege and prejudice.

Here is a letter explaining the entire story and requests to the membership of the cooperative: Mat Davis Letter to PRG to Address Racial Discrimination

This is PRG's horrible response to the members about the whole issue. This disrespectful letter clearly shows the problems we will address once I am reinstated. Letter from Board of Directors

I am sharing this with the community and members of Pogue's Run Grocer to sign and support me being reinstated as a director on the board of Indy Food Co-op, so that we can make PRG live up to it's original goals. I am looking for at least 100 members to sign this petition to support a special members meeting January 12, 2018 @ Brookside Community Church 1035 N Olney St, Indianapolis, IN 46201 to settle this issue! Please support and see you at the meeting.

In Good Faith and Cooperation.....

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