Kitty cam makes a return

Kitty cam makes a return

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Started by mar k

For months we’ve gone without a kitty stream. People are dying. We are starving. All we need is kitty stream back. Now you may be thinking what would this solve? What does bringing back kitty stream solve in our world.

1. Happiness. I am very sad plz give me some serotonin.

2. We get to learn more about kitty. From watching previous kitty streams I’ve learned more about who kitty is. If we get more streams we will learn more about kitty.

3. Cute moments. Kitty is always cute so why not share that with us 24/7 with a stream.

4. i don’t have a 4th reason but I don’t care.

please share this petition so we can get congo to bring back kitty streams. It would make myself and others so happy. 

20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!