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Bring Back Admiral Kathryn Janeway to Star Trek: Voyager

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As a long time fan of "Star Trek: Voyager", I was extremely disappointed when Admiral Kathryn Janeway was killed off in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel “Before Dishonor” written by Peter David. As further insult to "Star Trek: Voyager" fans, Admiral Janeway was then replaced with a new female character. Captain Afsarah Eden in the Star Trek: Voyager novels by Kirsten Beyer.


The traditional Simon & Schuster guidelines for submission of a Star Trek novel state the following: “No death of an established crewmember or character, or any other permanent change in the Star Trek characters, settings, or universe, such as introducing offspring or close relations of the characters other than those already established”.


It seems to me that since these are the guidelines that assured fans that the company would be keeping with the traditional characters viewable in the series; and as such a better effort should be made to follow those guidelines.  I understand that these are just guidelines, and you can choose to make exceptions to them at any point, however that being said:


The characters in the Star Trek universe are FICTIONAL characters; they don't have to die nor stay dead.  Proof of this fact is readily available in the forms of James T. Kirk, and Spock.  The characters of Star Trek have always been an inspiration for fans of all ages.  It would be a shame to deny future generations of women to be inspired by the character of Kathryn Janeway as a smart female commander, brilliant scientist and caring "mother" of the ship. No other Trek character ever inspired and even changed the life of thousands of women all over the world.  Janeway inspired love and admiration in her fans, even inspiring young women to set higher goals for their lives and seek higher education all because of the inspiration provided by a fictional, female Starfleet Captain.  Over and over again at conventions all around the world, women of all ages have expressed their admiration and love for this character, and named her as inspiration to reach for the stars...


There are so few strong, inspiring female lead characters in science fiction books.. It is long past due for Simon & Schuster / Pocket Books / CBS to do the right thing, and respect the fans of "Star Trek: Voyager" and the established "Star Trek" canon by bringing back Admiral Kathryn Janeway.


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We are standing up to make our voice heard as fans of "Star Trek: Voyager" and of the character of Kathryn Janeway.  


Bring back Kathryn Janeway! 



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