Deny Lease Renewal to current owners of Pocatello Raceway

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Racing has been around in Pocatello, Idaho for decades. Since the beginning families were involved at Pocatello Raceway. My son is the fourth generation in my family to drive there. It is an amazing place with lots of history and memories for a lot of people.

Pocatello Raceway through its time has gone through lots of changes. When I was a kid you had to wait for hours in line just to get in to the raceway. The pits were filled to the max and they even ran two nights a week. It has also had low times when there were only a few cars and the fans could be counted on one hand.

Through these time there have been many owners and managers of the track. Some have been awesome and instrumental in "bringing back a dead horse". While others attitudes and policies have caused cars and fans to leave.

But through it all Pocatello Raceway has survived.

Last year the ownership of Pocatello Raceway changed hands. With it the promise of better car counts, better shows, better payouts, "The greatest show on asphalt"..  These promises quickly faded as the reality of the new owners set in. As many of you know the track has lost most of the previous drivers that ran in years past. The unpopular and unneeded changes that have been made and the "If you don't like it just leave" attitude has soured the racetrack. It is well on its way to closing.

Many people have tried to help, but their offering to help and "constructive criticism" has simply been viewed as "track bashing" and they have been fined or banned from the track.

I am one of those people. But of those people there are many. And if we all stand together we can get the track back and make these thing right again. Next spring is when the lease is set to renew on the property with the City of Pocatello. We have spoken with the city attorney and were advised our best course of action would be to petition the city not to extend the lease on the property to the current owners. As part of their lease all of the permanent structures, including the track must remain intact.

We believe the track should be ran by a group rather than an individual. We are in the process of forming an organization that can legally run and manage the track. Racers serving other racers. We are a race family and stick together.

We love Pocatello Raceway with a passion and want it to continue to be a part of the community. An asset that brings racers and fans from all around. If we do not succeed I fear the track will dwindle and die.

Please sign the petition so we as racers can take back the track and make it a great place for racers, families, fans, and the community