Stop Performing Racist, Redface Performances of "The Lost Colony" in Manteo, NC

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Since "The Lost Colony" (written by Paul Green) began performing in Manteo, North Carolina in 1937, they have depicted Native Americans, with the casting of non-Native Americans. They take it a step further, in “bronzing”/“painting” the actors so that they appear “like-Native Americans.” This is a form of blackface, coined as "redface".

This company has done this for decades, along with similar productions of "Trumpet in the Land" in New Philadelphia, Ohio. The money generated from these ongoing productions does not benefit Native American communities, nor is it affiliated, nor approved by any Native American communities. Promotional usage of the production, and fundraisers, often includes visuals of Native Americans, “quotes” from Native Americans, all for the benefit of continuing to produce their shows with their agendas.

"The Lost Colony", along with those above productions, are offensive, inaccurate, and perpetuate a false narrative of what our country’s history looks like. Promoting “patriotism” over accuracy. We must be more responsible and not continue to promote storylines like this. It is unfair, not only to the history of Native Americans, but also to the children attending these outdoor dramas, whom are being taught a falseness. Just because we have a routine of annually staging this production, does not mean it need be continued. In fact, the opposite. It has gone on for too long, and must be stopped.

Several shows that were performed for decades, of a similar nature and issue, have been stopped, such as "The Common Glory" in Virginia, "Blue Jacket" and "The White Savage" in Ohio. Similar shows, such as the ongoing "Tecumseh!" in Chillicothe, Ohio, have agreed to permanently stop performing in redface, whilst also listening to the voices of Native American communities for their casting and "artistic" choices.

Please stand with us in voicing the unacceptable behavior by these theatre companies. And demand that the Waterside Theatre on For Raleigh National Historic Site halt production, permanently. Voice this to Governor Roy Cooper, the North Carolina State of Representatives, and local Mayor of Manteo, Bobby Owens. Inform the major contributor PNC Bank, that they must stop financing a racist production. Sign and let them know that they must stop pushing a false narrative, with white people portraying Native Americans in redface. Tell them to stop putting on this play.

Thank you for taking action!