Xrbia Hinjewadi feeling cheated.

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Xrbia hinjewadi society residents are not provided with basic necessities of life like 24*7 water supply and security by the builder.Residents only get water supply for few hours in morning and evening.Water issue during summer is anyway someone can understand.But even during Monsoon there is water issue.They have been promising 24*7 regular supply of water since last 3 years.

Secondly, the security issue, there are no individual guards for buildings to keep account of visitors.This has led to many cases of theft and others.

On top of everything without fulfilling the promises made to residents builder is trying to do a society handover.Which is being strongly crticized by residents.

Residents are suffering a lot due to this situation and feeling cheated as they have paid for a flat with hard earned money and builder has not delivered even the basic necessities of life.