Use the funds of all religious institutions to feed the poor in the wake of the Covid19

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Tough times are ahead and the present state of affairs around the pandemic will make it even tougher. Need of the hour is to bring all the religious institutions under the act of emergency. Coffers of all temples, Gurudwaras, Masjids and Churches (WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION ) should be taken over by the government and 75% of the total wealth should be attached to the "National Disaster Fund" . This amount should only be used for taking care of poor/needy across the country. God’s resources cannot be put a better and a more useful work than this.

My request to all fellow Indians on all social platforms or otherwise is , If you find this suggestion valid, kindly spread this idea as much as possible. Let’s start a movement around it by writing to the PM individually and spreading the awareness on all tools/handles of social media at our disposal. I am sure there will be legal, cultural and other environmental issues around the suggestion, so be it!!! If nothing else we will can make the government at least think around the same and see what best can be done.

We all can write of our PM Narendra Modi on this link

Please spread the word around .

Jai Hind!